About Troop 83

Troop 83 is a boy-led Troop. Troop 83 follows the patrol method, and honors the traditions and methods started over 100 years ago by Lord Baden Powell.

Scouting reinforces the skills and values we want our sons to learn while they’re having fun. Our goal at Troop 83 is to continually develop a program that will challenge the youth of our community to make a difference in the environment they live. Scouting goes far beyond camping, canoeing, hiking, earning merit badges and rank advancement. Scouting is a way of life; a set of values and standards we strive to teach these young men.

We feel that if we are able to guide our youth with the right values, morals and standards now, this will become their way of thinking which will govern how they make decisions in the future.

At some point in our future, these same young men will be making decisions, judgments, laws, and other life changing actions that will affect our lives. Those decisions will be in our best interest if we have given them the proper foundation.