Totem The Troop 83 totem is used to display all of your activity beads.  It is worn on your scout belt.  Each bead color represents a different activity.
Black Rainy Campout
Blue Advancement
Pale Blue Personal Growth Agreement (PGA)
Red Boot Hiking, High Adventure
Brown Boot Day Hike – 5 mile
Brown Cloudy Campout
Canoe, Red Canoeing, High Adventure
Clear Council or District event
Green Service project or participation in one
Green, dark Fund raiser participation
Pale Green Troop/patrol leadership office
Orange Best patrol
Pale Orange Training
Purple Special recognition (eg, Religious, Baden Powell, OA,etc)
Red Summer camp
Pale Red Extreme camping
Star Quality patrol (selected by Scoutmaster)
Tan Troop/patrol good turn ( day camp, beaver day, good turn)
White Snowy campout
Yellow Fair weather campout
Yellow Fair weather campout
Yellow Fair weather campout
Pale Yellow Trail hike, day trip, troop activity
Yellow canoe Canoeing day trip